R e c e n t   A w a r d s

Earlier this year, Michigan Radio WUOM/WFUM-FM/WVGR was named Station of the Year, first by the Public Radio Program Directors Association, then by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. Now, the Michigan Associated Press has named Michigan Radio the top Public Radio station in the state.

The Michigan Associated Press also named Michigan Radio's Wendy Nelson, who reports regularly for the Arts and Humanities Radio Project, and Arts and Humanities Radio Project Coordinator and reporter Tamar Charney as the top two Public Radio reporters. Michelle Corum of Interlochen Public Radio was honored with the best feature story award for "I am Opera," a story produced for the Arts and Humanities Radio Project.

The National Association of Community Broadcasters has honored Tamar Charney and Melissa Emery for the three-part series, "Behind the Art: A Diary of an Artist."

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