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Feature Stories Archive

Date Title Producer
9/11/97 Seven Enigmas Tamar Charney
Dancer Peter Sparling and painter Jim Cogswell got a couple of scientists involved in creating a multimedia dance performance. The performance Seven Enigmas used Dr. John Clark's hubble telescope images and a dancing grid created by bio-statistician Fred Bookstien. The work speaks to the similarities between the arts and the sciences. But it wasn't just the artists who benefited from the collaboration. Bio -statistician Fred Bookstien came away from the project with a new way to present data.

Peter Sparling - University of Michigan Professor of Dance & Director of Dance Gallery
Jim Cogswell - University of Michigan Professor of Art
Fred Bookstien - University of Michigan Distinguished Research Scientist Biostatistics

9/18/97 Nicolas DelBanco John Walters
Old Scores has been gaining acclaim from reviewers around the country. Nicholas DelBanco reads from his new novel and talks about writing.

Nicholas Delbanco - Professor of English University of Michigan

9/22/97 Chinese Art Restoration Bob Whitman
There are some fields where the artisans are so rare you have to wait YEARS just to get on a waiting list for their services. This was the problem faced by the University of Michigan Art Museum when it tried to get repair work done on its collection of Chinese paintings. Bob Whitman reports on how the museum cured its own headache and developed a service for other museums faced with the same problem.

Marshall Wu - Senior curator of Asian Art - University of Michigan
Kuway Wong - Conservator

9/25/97 George Winston Bob Skon
Pianist George Winston is best known for his instrumental compositions. But, he's very involved in producing and promoting Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar. As Bob Skon learned Winston is not only a talented guitar player, but a tireless advocate of Hawaiian Slack key players and history. Winston spent the month on September touring Michigan.

George Winston

10/2/97 Marching With the Band Tamar Charney
Every afternoon in the fall between 4:45 and 6:15 Ann Arbor marches to the beat of the University of Michigan Marching Band rehearsal. The sound of the Victors can be heard for miles. Michigan Radio's Tamar Charney wandered over to Eblel field on a recent Friday afternoon and filed this diary of a rehearsal.

Francesca Avaldi - Marching Band Rank Leader
Mike Morrison - Snare drum player
Nicole Young - Clarinet player
Rita Conway - Ann Arbor homemaker
Natalie - 9 year old spectator

10/6/97 Hunt's Guide to Michigan Bob Whitman
Following their highly popular guide to Michigan's Lower Peninsula, Don and Mary Hunt of Albion have just released a new book which focuses on a part of Michigan most people don't know very well. Hunt's Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula helps people discover "the celebrated places and hidden treasures of the wild and historic region."

Mary Hunt

10/9/98 Find Your Way to the Mall Museum Tamar Charney
The New York Times recently reported that museum attendance is on the rise. The reason museum going is somewhat similar to one of this country's favorite pass times - mall going. The Sloan Museum in Flint has been bringing serious museum exhibits to a store front in the Genessee Valley Center. Educational Curator Steven Laux explained why the museum is at the mall and gave a tour of the current mall exhibit called Find Your Way a look at navigation and way finding.

Steven Laux - Curator of Education, Sloan Museum

10/15/97 Garage Sale Wendy Nelson
What seemed like a typical garage sale in Grand Rapids ended up surprising many passers-by. Outside the home of art professor Conrad Bakker, nearly a hundred and fifty items were on display: ranging from a file cabinet, to a violin case, to books, to an old typewriter. But nothing at this 'sale' was for sale...yet. The so called "garage sale" was actually an exhibit of very realistic looking sculpture by Bakker.

Conrad Bakker - professor of sculpture Calvin College
Various people at garage sale exhibition

10/16/97 Evolution of Whales Sam England w/ Tamar Charney & Joan Silvi
A new exhibit about whale evolution has been created by the University of Michigan Exhibit Museum

Interviews Amy Harris - University of Michigan Exhibit Museum

10/20/97 Geoffrey Been: Fashion as Art Tamar Charney
The Toledo Museum of Art launched its first ever fashion as art exhibit recently. The exhibit features 35 garments by American designer Geoffery Beene that show the simple, elegant, and innovative designs for which he's famous. To make clothes move with the wearer Geoffrey Beene came up with new ways to design and construct clothing and started approaching clothes as sculpture

Geoffrey Beene - Fashion Designer
Nadine Smith - Community Liason - Toledo Museum of Art
Pamela Parmal - curator - Rhode Island School of Art and Design
Various people at exhibition opening

10/21/97 The Pink Dot Tamar Charney & Mike Perini
One of the jobs of art is to help us look at ourselves and the world in a different way. The Heidelberg Project did just that for Mike Perini. He has a pink polka dot on the hood of his car. It was painted by Tyree Guyten the creator of the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Becoming a part of the Heidelberg Project gave Mike Perini a new outlook on life and art
11/11/97 Windmill Island Tamar Charney
As a drive around the edge of just about any city will show, we've been hard at work building large houses in the fields. For many people these are dream houses complete with large bathrooms, yards, kitchens, and garages. But as we're building our dream houses are we building our dream communities. In Holland Michigan a different type of subdivision is being planned on that tries to build community - European style.

Kurt Brandle - Professor Emeritus University of Michigan School of
Bill Bird - Potential Windmill Island home buyer
Jenine Bird - Potential Windmill Island home buyer
Greg Holcomb - Urban Planner and Project Manager for the City of Holland's Windmill Island Project

11/17/97 Mary Shrines Tamar Charney
The Virgin Mary sits in photographs next to red sports cars, swimming pools, garden gnomes, and flowers. Jennifer Steensma, a photographer and professor of art at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, creates conceptual photography - series of works connected by a theme. Her series of photographs of people's Mary Shrines is called Interpreting Mary. Through this series of photographs she's hoping to learn more about the shrines that fascinated her as a child and meet the people that buy a manufactured garden statue and turn it into Folk Art and a religious expression.

Jennifer Steensma - photographer and professor of art at Calvin College

12/8/97 Sharon Sutton Todd Mundt
The Michigan Women's Hall of Fame recently inducted a woman whose life has been marked by achievement and change. Her name is Sharon Sutton. She's a University of Michigan professor of Architecture, as well as, an artist, musician, author, and psychologist. She talks about the difficulties she has faced being an African American woman in a field dominated by white males.

Sharon Sutton

12/9/97 Orchestra Outreach Wendy Nelson
Across the country, many symphony orchestras are facing hard times. It's getting tougher and tougher to fill the audience, and many orchestras are operating at a deficit. So some orchestras, like the Grand Rapids Symphony, are taking steps to build the audience of tomorrow. They've created orchestra trading cards - baseball like trading cards that help kids get more involved with the personalities and "stats" of an orchestra. (But unlike Baseball Cards collector's stores aren't quite snapping them up.) The symphony is also going into the schools to break down stereotypes about classical music and classical musicians.

Melia Peters - Education Director, Grand Rapids Symphony
Bill Vits - Leader Next Generation Sextet and Principal Percussionist,
Grand Rapids Symphony
Matt Ducharme - Store Manager, Collectors Emporium

12/9/97 Meet Lou Spisto Tamar Charney
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra named Lou Spisto, Director of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra to be the new President of the DSO. Spisto is known for innovative and aggressive marketing and outreach programs. Tamar Charney talked with Spisto about the challenges and opportunities that come with the job of DSO President.

Lou Spisto - New President, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

12/10/97 Jackie O.: An Avant Guard Opera Tamar Charney
University of Michigan Professor of Composition Michael Daugherty has been writing his musical compositions with the television on. Daugherty is a composer who pens symphonies about Superman and chamber music about Elvis. As Michigan Radio's Tamar Charney reports the influence of television and American pop culture comes through loud and clear in one of Daugherty recent works. An opera about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Michael Daugherty - University of Michigan Professor of Composition and composer of Jackie O, The Metropolis Symphony, and many other acclaimed modern classical works

12/12/97 Changing Global Values Tamar Charney
If you find yourself more interested in leisure pursuits and looking for a certain quality of life than making money, you're not alone. Professor Ronald Inglehardt has been surveying values in 60 countries for almost two decades and says this is an international trend. He's also found huge decreases in Church attendance in every highly industrialized nation except the United States.

Ronald Inglehart - University of Michigan Professor of Political Science and Program Director, Institute for Social Research

12/16/97 Photo-Nature Walk John Walters
For photographers Carl Sams and Jean Stoick the most fertile ground for stunning images is right here in Michigan. They've just published a book of wildlife photographs called "Images of the Wild." Michigan Radio's John Walters went on a nature walk with the two photographers and learned about composing images and working with nature to create artistic images.

Carl Sams - photographer
Jean Stoick - photographer

12/17/97 Raymond Tanter Bob Whitman
University of Michigan Professor Raymond Tanter served as a member of the National Security Council Staff and took part in arms control talks during the Reagan administration. He has a new book called Rogue Regimes: Terrorism and Proliferation. As Bob Whitman reports the book examines some of the challenges the US may face as it tries to deal with countries Tanter considers the "rogues of the world Community.

Raymond Tanter - Professor of Polictical Science University of Michigan

12/19/97 David Daniels Tamar Charney
David Daniels has been capturing the attention of critics and concert goers around the nation with his extraordinary talent. And up until about a month ago he made Ann Arbor his home. Michigan Radio's Tamar Charney has the story of how David Daniels found his true voice. He's a countertenor.

David Daniels - opera singer
George Shirley - Professor of Voice, University of Michigan
Richard Miller - Professor of Voice, Oberlin University

12/31/97 The Beast Awakens Bob Whitman
University of Michigan Philosophy graduate Martin Lee is the co-founder of the Media watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. He has a new book out called the Beast Reawakens. The book looks at the resurgence of fascism, extremism, and nazism since World War 2. Martin Lee was back in Michigan recently and he spoke with Michigan Radio's Bob Whitman about The Beast Reawakens.

Martin Lee

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